Troy Displays DIA INSIDE|OUT Masterpieces

Remember being constantly reminded "don't touch the art"? That rule has changed with the DIA INSIDE|OUT project! These giant masterpieces are reproductions of popular works of art. All 9 pieces are weatherproof and touch-proof. 

The vinyl prints are okay to touch! This boy is enjoying Fire in a Haystack by Jules Adolphe Aime at the Stage Nature Center (6685 Coolidge Hwy.)

The pieces will remain up until the second week of November. Dates for a docent-led trolley tour, bike tour, and more events will be posted at and on the City of Troy Facebook soon.

Feel free to drive by or walk right up to these pieces and touch for yourself!

Children's Hospital of Michigan-Troy | 350 W. Big Beaver Rd.

Save the Children by local Detroit artist, Paul Collins

Troy Raquet Club | 3400 Civic Center Dr.
Cotopaxi by Frederic Edwin Church

Troy Community Center | 3179 Livernois Rd.

Young Woman with a Violin by Orazio Gentileschi

Walsh College | 3838 Livernois Rd.

This Portrait of a Collagist by Benny Andrews stands over 6 feet tall!

Troy Historic Village | 60 W. Wattles Rd.

The Art of the Negro: Artists (Study) by Hale Woodruff

Troy School District Administration Building | 4400 Livernois Rd.

Mother and Child by Solomon Wangboje

Troy City Hall | 
500 W. Big Beaver Rd.
Bank of the Oise by Vincent van Gogh

Troy Public Library | 510 W. Big Beaver Rd.

Fourteenth Street at Sixth Avenue by John Sloan

This event is sponsored by the Knight Foundation.

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