Welcoming City

As of May 23rd, the City of Troy has been declared a Welcoming City and joined an elite squadron of cities known as the Welcoming America Network. This initiative, through Welcoming America and Welcoming Michigan, strives to create and promote more inclusive communities by building connections between domestic and foreign born residents, and ensuring equitable access to community resources. By joining this extensive network of cities across the country, Troy is not only promoting a message of inclusion, but gaining access to a utility belt of information, strategies, and resources designed to help the city continue to grow its tradition of acceptance and diversity.

The Welcoming City resolution was initially brought to the Global Troy Advisory Committee (GTAC), an advisory committee to the City Council designed to represent the various ethnic, cultural, and religious communities in Troy, which recommended the Council adopt the resolution.

It should be noted, there is a distinction between a “Welcoming City” and a “Sanctuary City”. While there is no legal definition of a Sanctuary City, often this involved policies shielding residents from being asked about their immigration status by law enforcement. A Welcoming City is a city than joins the Welcoming America Initiative, and is meant to be an expression of values and a recognition of the diversity that exists within a city. More information on the initiative can be found at welcomingamerica.org

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