Look Out for Linda

Look for Linda around town. Don't be shy, say "HI!" 

1. What do you do for the City of Troy?
I work as an Ordinance Enforcement Inspector for the summer months inspecting properties for tall grass.

2. What attracted you to the City?
I live nearby and have seen its growth throughout the years. It is a spacious, clean, and beautiful City.

3. What did you do before coming to the City?
I’m currently retired. I was working for a neighboring community where I served as a Code Enforcement Officer with a focus on commercial properties.

4. What are you looking forward to or most excited about?
I don't have any big plans at the moment. I look forward to enjoying the warm summer months, get-togethers, concerts, and outdoor activities. 

5. What summer blockbuster are you anxiously awaiting?
I just saw the movie I was waiting for, La La Land. I loved it! 

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